Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is the branch that deals with the restoration of diseased, injures or abnormal teeth and includes the techniques and procedures to restore the teeth to full function & appearance in an aesthetically pleasing manner with as little loss of healthy tooth structure as possible.

In our office we use only resin composites, of tooth color, non-toxic and esthetic. We never use amalgam of silver, whose toxicity is being discussed but we believe.

The office specializes in the replacement of metal fillings by tooth colored restorations.

Light-curing composite resins are the material of choice for restoring small to medium-size decays. The layering and sculpting technique used in our office produces astonishing aesthetic results and provides optimal function and durability.

Resin composites are made of a fine glass-ceramic powder mixed with a small amount of light-curing resin, to allow the material to be applied, shaped and hardened directly on the tooth, whose surface has been previously treated with a special adhesive system. The latest composite generation offers a wear resistance similar to natural enamel, a range of shades which fit any tooth color and excellent long-term color stability.
If tooth damage and then the cavity are larger, it is better to build in the laboratory the missing part of the tooth: in this case we speak of indirect restorations or “ONLAYS/OVERLAYS” that can be made of resin or ceramic.

In any case the quality of the restorations and their duration are directly related to a proper and adequate isolation from the saliva of the patient by means of a sheet of latex called ” dam “.