Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile has an astonishing power. If you are unhappy about the appearance of your mouth, there is a tendency to smile less frequently and less confidently, even leading you to avoid certain social situations.

Cosmetic dentistry is an area in which we truly believe and like al lot. We offer a broad range of cosmetic services to improve that situation: we can change the colour, the shape, the position and the lenght of the teeth, replace a broken edge, in a natural way, making a better smile. Every solution is obviously customized, depending from the tooth and face proportion of everyone. Whatever the treatment you require, we will help you find the most conservative and effective solution for your functional and aesthetic needs.
Some example of treatments are:

  • direct restorations (atterrare su conservative)

  • veneers (atterrare su veneer e prosthetic)

  • ceramic crown(atterrare su veneer e prosthetic)

  • bleaching (atterrare tooth whitening)

  • Invisalign (atterrare Invisalign)

If you are not sure which treatments are right to get the smile you desire, we can help you to visualise the result with a Digital Smile Design or a mockup. By taking photos and a short video of your smile and natural movements, we can digitally design your ideal smile and produce a ‘try-in smile’ to show you how you will look after your cosmetic treatment.