Our mission is to protect and improve the oral health of our patients. It is important to diagnose the problem well in order to clearly identify how to solve it. In this process we take into account the individual needs, the goals that are truly achievable and the means available to obtain them, so as to establish a relationship of mutual trust, honest and transparent.
For our part, to always guarantee the highest quality of service, we commit ourselves to apply the guidelines recognized by the major national and international scientific societies, to continuously update ourselves from the scientific, clinical and technological point of view, to collaborate with qualified professionals in their field and to use only certified materials, guaranteed and of the highest quality, that we choose with care.
The importance of the quality of dental materials is reflected in a job easier on our part, but also in a better prognosis to guarantee to you patients, since the type of material depends on the aesthetic, functional and therapeutic outcome of the treatment.

Here are some brands that the studio uses to carry out its treatments: from implants, to invisible equipment, to filling materials, resins and cements to make the reconstructions adhere, to the impression materials or to whiten the teeth.